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About Me

It’s one thing to build a nice looking body, but it’s another thing to build a nice looking body that’s capable. My goal is to guide you along the path to a better you by customizing workout and meal plans that will help you not only look fit but actually be fit, so you can enjoy your results for years to come. Most importantly, you’ll have fun on your personalized journey with dynamic and progressing programs that keep both your mind and body stimulated. Whether you’re looking to shed excess body fat, gain strength, or develop healthier eating habits, I can help you achieve transformative results.


My Philosophy

My name is Creus Hamilton.  For over 15 years,  I have worked as a personal trainer and running coach with a diverse group of clients ranging from high level business executives to stay-at-home moms to professional athletes. I hold a NASM personal trainer certification, as well as NASM Sports Performance Specialist certification. That being said, one of my most valued asset is having over 20 years of practical experience as a Track and Field athlete. This experience affords me the benefit of knowing what my clients are experiencing both physically and psychologically.  I know what it feels like to win and how it feels to loose. I get excited with progress and I can appreciate the pain and frustration of injuries.

I have always been fascinated by machines and to me, the human body is the most awesome of them all. How it works is nothing short of miraculous. I feel blessed and fortunate to have the academic capacity to understand how it works well enough to help others. 


I have  worked with numerous clients, all of whom I can proudly say achieved their goals, but also achieved a level of fitness beyond their expectation. This is due to the fact that my goals for my clients usually exceed their own. I wish for all my clients, both young and old, to obtain a level of fitness and performance that is simply awesome.





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